The toilet brush is based on the current UK PM Boris, with his face at the end of the handle. Boris wears a blue suit, with his signature blonde wispy hair being the bog brush bristles! Take great pleasure in sending his face to connect with the greatest global network in the world - The Sewage System!


The brush bristles are strong, dense and sturdy. Toughened to prevent deformation, the brush will remove stains with ease of force. Flexible, the Boris toilet bowl brush makes cleaning hard to reach areas of your toilet bowl easy.


At a staggering 15 inches, the length of the toilet brush handle allows you to maintain a preferable distance from the toilet bowl whilst in use, making cleaning more efficient with greater ease.


Complete with its matching holder, the Boris toilet brush is easy and discreet to store, whilst keeping floors areas clean and dry. Vibrant, the Toilet Brush will brighten up any bathroom with humour and colour.


Made using ABS plastic material (much stronger than a standard PP material). Suitable for many domestic living and office / work environments. Great as a fun novelty gift or Secret Santa present. Makes someones day with the perfect Prime Ministerial present - ideal for men, women, boys and girls of all ages.

boris roll

Roll with it, with the Borris Bog Roll! This duo ply toilet tissue is the ultimate fun way to wipe the smile of Borris’s face. Come what may, soft and gentle, let your Borris Bog Roll provide you with a clean and orderly exit – something the famous PM keeps promising!

Perforated sheet by sheet, a simple tug will ensure a clean break, and prevent any unwanted backstop!

Buy it on its own, or save money by purchasing it along with the Borris bog brush for the ultimate toilet humour coalition.

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